Robert Downey Jr Gifts Boy a Prosthetic Iron Man Arm

One more reason Robert Downey Jr is one of the most awesome people on the planet: he recently gifted a little boy a prosthetic Iron Man arm.

Robert Downey Jr gifts Alex Pring an Iron Man prosthetic arm

He posted a video on his twitter page of him meeting 7-year old Alex Pring, in full Tony Stark mode, and giving him the 3D printed arm, which is embedded with motor and batteries to improve functionality.

Downey put on his own Iron Man arm sleeve to compare with the prosthetic. Pring noted that “each one looks the same.” To which Downey replied, “Actually I think yours might be better than mine.”

Here’s the video…be prepared for some feelgoods to enter your heart:

Downey worked with Albert Manero, Microsoft OneNote, and The Collective Project to create this one of a kind arm. Developed with students at UCF in Orlando, the limbs function by attaching sensors to the skin of the wearer. When someone like young Alex flexes his arm muscles, the sensors respond by sending signals to tiny motors, which then pull and release wires running through the arm’s fingers. This simulates the movements of an actual arm.

Additionally, these 3D-printed limbs can be manufactured less expensively, making them more accessible to people who need them.

This Iron Man arm isn’t the first prosthetic Pring has received, but I’m sure it’s probably the coolest.

I met RDJ years ago, on the set of Back to School, and I thought he was a nice guy back then. It’s heartwarming to see he’s still a generous and caring guy.

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