Caress® Forever Collection Body Wash Review #DiscoverNewFavorites

Through Influenster, I received a bottle of Caress® Forever Collection Body Wash to review in their Walgreens #DiscoverNewFavorites VoxBox.

Caress Forever Collection Body Wash

It was a full-sized bottle in the Love Forever scent, and touted the new Fragrance Touch Technology, which releases scent for up to 12 hours just by touch.

Let’s start with the scent then. The Love Forever scent is described as “Rich floriental sweetness blended with lush dark berries and the freshly picked Scarlet Red Rose.” To be honest, I’m not big on smelling like roses, but this one was subtle enough that it didn’t bother me. I think it helped the fragrance has a sandalwood and vanilla musk base. I tend to wear earthier scents instead of flowery ones.

As for the Fragrance Release Pearls, I did notice the fragrance lasted a few hours, but not the up to twelve hours. Maybe four to five? But it was quite a bit longer than my normal body wash.

Caress Forever Collection Body Wash - scarlet red

The body wash comes out a bright scarlet red, and I think the deep color was a bit of an overkill. It’s so red that when I left it on my hand to take photos of the color, it actually slightly stained my skin. Not happy with that much red dye in a product going on my skin.

But I did like the bit of sparkle in the wash. It wasn’t too obnoxious and gave my skin a little sumthin’ sumthin’ in the light.

The body wash left my skin smooth but not overly moisturized. I still had to put lotion on later in the day.

Overall, I like the idea behind the product. A long lasting fragrance is great for those who don’t normally like to wear perfume and work in environments with smells like a restaurant or such. It’s also good for those who like to smell like roses.

But as I said, I’m not a rose person, and the red dye really put me off.

I’d give Caress® Forever Collection Body Wash a 3 out of 5. If it came in less flowery scents, with a LOT less artificial coloring (what’s wrong with clear bodywash??), I’d be willing to try it again, because I did like how long the scent lasted.

Disclaimer: I received this product for purposes of a review. As always, my opinions are my own.

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