The Ting Tings New Album Is Full of Vintage Sounding Club Grooves

The UK duo known as The Ting Tings have made a name with the indie post-punk pop of their last two albums, but their newest, Super Critical, ventures into vintage club tune territory.

The Ting TIngs live at The Social in Orlando

Prior to writing their third album, members Katie White and Jules De Martino decided to shake things up, and sequestered themselves on Ibiza. Influenced by the club sounds prevalent on the island, their songwriting ventured in that direction.

Produced by Andy Taylor (ex-Duran Duran), Super Critical is full of pop tunes with dance and funk edges. The title track, “Super Critical,” features a funky dance beat with sparce instruments and a bit of a tribal feel, and is a good way to start the album.

The lead single, “Wrong Club,” is the kind of club song you would’ve heard in the late 70s, while “Do It Again” and “Communication” takes the club sound up a decade to the 80s. Modern-day club sounds get a nod in the track “Failure,” too.

If you like the indie pop of their first two albums, that’s still there, too, in songs like “Daughter” and “Wabi Sabi.”

But it’s the second track to the end where The Ting Tings shine the best on this album. “Green Poison” is a total 80s jam that brings to mind 1999-album-era Prince, with just a touch of P-Funk. Mmmm…tasty.

Super Critical isn’t a perfect album, but if you’re looking to get your groove on with some dance pop, this will satisfy the urge.

For more information on the album, or The Ting Tings, visit You can also read my recent concert review of the band when they came to Orlando at

For a taste of what to expect on the album, here is the video for “Wrong Club”:

Disclaimer: I didn’t receive a copy of the CD, but I did get to listen to it online for free. As always, my opinions are my own.

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