I Should Have Bought A Lottery Ticket

Yesterday was just one of those days that luck was so going my way that I should have bought a lottery ticket.

be positive

First I was notified that I had won a ticket to IZEAFest in October from GottaGetBlogging.com. I had entered their twitter contest asking what my blogging superhero name would be. I said “zengrrlenator” – a play on my blog name.

I’m super excited about this because I really wanted to go, but just couldn’t swing the registration fee right now. I went to the first IZEAFest in 2008 (I think?) and found it to be a great learning experience. Now in 2015, the conference has expanded to three days with a bunch of blogging, marketing and monetizing panels for me to learn from.

Woot! Thanks Gotta Get Blogging!!

Then in the mail I got $80 in Visa cards from my health insurance company for following through on my appointments and healthcare and for improving my numbers. I love these annual health incentives, and I didn’t even know they were coming, so it was a nice surprise. Gonna put that into the emergency fund.

Finally, Jamba Juice headquarters sent me a couple of gift cards to try out some more of their offerings. I may give one of them away to you readers, so stay tuned!

It’s a nice way to start the month of July. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the month brings!

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  1. John Frost via Facebook July 7, 2015 at 12:42 pm

    I wish that’s how lotteries worked. 🙂