I’m Back and Ready to Rock

Zengrrl.com is back from hiatus.

Thanks to everyone who has been patient while I took my brief hiatus with this blog. After writing zengrrl.com for 14 years, I occasionally need to take a step back and re-evaluate what I’m doing here and what stories I want to tell.

You won’t notice much of a difference to start. I’ve mainly cleaned up a few things in the backend of the site. But as the site goes forward I will continue to tweak things in the sidebars, as well as the overall focus of what I post on this blog.

I’m still going to be reviewing movies, music, TV and books. I will still be posting my travel stories and news I feel of interest to share. I will still be posting my product reviews. But I’ll also be talking a lot more about my life as a blogger, as well a my personal life as it relates to my public life. And I have some fun things planned for future posts.

As I enter my 15th year writing Zengrrl.com, I want to say I sincerely appreciate your support. You don’t get this kind of longevity online simply by talking to the air. It takes readers…people like you who take time out of your busy lives to visit my corner of the huge internet.

So thanks to everyone who has visited, left comments, and helped spread the word by sharing on social media, and in person to friends. I hope you enjoy Zengrrl.com in 2016, and the years to come!

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I'm Michelle Snow, the writer and creator of Zengrrl. I write about travel, entertainment, women's issues, health, body positivity, and more, both for this blog and freelance. I have also authored/co-authored four guidebooks on Orlando and Florida. If you aren't already following me, the links are below, as well as on the top right of this page. Thanks!

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