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During my regular morning reads, I happened upon a cool map generator over at Gas Food No Lodging, which allows you to input locations you’ve been to in North America (U.S. and Canada).

Better yet, it has four degrees of how well you’ve visited that state:

  • Red/Pink is for states/provinces where you’ve not spent much time or seen very much.
  • Amber/Orange is for states/provinces where you’ve at least slept and seen some sights.
  • Blue is for states/provinces you’ve spent a lot of time in or seen a fair amount of.
  • Green is for states/provinces you’ve spent a great deal of time in on multiple visits or lived in.
  • White for states/provinces you’ve never been to.

Based on those four categories, here is the map that I built:

Map of My North American Travels

In the U.S., I’ve visted all but eight states (Hawaii appears to not be pictured, but maybe that’s because I haven’t visited it). I have no idea how I keep managing to miss Oklahoma.

In Canada, I have three provinces and two territories yet to visit.

It looks like one good Northeast coastal trip could take care of most of the states and provinces I’m missing.

If you’d like to make your own map, visit If you don’t have a website of your own to put it on, there are also options for sharing to Facebook and Google+.

How about you? What does your North American map look like?

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