Goodbye and Good Riddance Flu

Michelle Snow at LEGO Store at Disney Springs Feb 2017

So you may have noticed Zengrrl has been a bit quiet lately. Well, you can thank the lovely 2017 flu for that.

Shortly after New Year’s, I got it and bad: coughing, no voice, hacking up a lung…you know, all the fun stuff. That flu then turned into bronchitis and WOULD NOT LEAVE my chest. Anywhere I went, I’d have to carry the whole bag of cough drops. And let’s not talk about the mucus.

No, seriously, let’s not.

Just when I thought I was over all of it, I caught another round of the flu. Obviously because I’m just that darn talented. *sigh*

But as of this week, I’m clear of it all. I can breathe through my sinuses, and my lungs are so super happy they’re taking all kinds of deep breaths.

So goodbye and good riddance to all that flu misery.

I’ve been working on stuff over at my other blog, CitySurfing Orlando, and this weekend I’m dedicating to Zengrrl.

I’ve got a bunch of posts to write up – quite a few travel pieces, some entertainment, and a cool collaboration with the Bloggin’ Mamas and NIssan on child safety in cars.

And because quite a few of you have messaged me about it, I’ll give an update on all the non-flu/bronchitis health stuff…including the fact that next week I’ll celebrate my 2nd anniversary of being cancer-free! Woot!

I hope 2017 is going well for all of you, so far! I also thank you so very much for supporting me and! Don’t forget to like Zengrrl on Facebook and/or Twitter to know when new posts are up.


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