I’m Going to Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando!! #SWCO

I'm Going to Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando

I’m excited to announce my media badge has arrived, and I’m going to be covering Star Wars Celebration 2017 here in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center the weekend of April 13-16.

I have been a die-hard Star Wars fan since seeing the original, A New Hope, on opening weekend in 1977. I have seen every other Star Wars movie opening weekend, as well.

For the first three years after my initiation into the Star Wars universe, I wanted to be Han Solo. Cruising the galaxy with my best friend in a cool spaceship? Helping to save the ‘verse? Hell, yeah! But then I hit puberty around the release of The Empire Strikes Back, and started looking at Han Solo in an entirely different way (if ya, know what I mean).

But it was the story that kept me coming back. It struck more than a few notes in me. I can even find the good parts in the much maligned Episodes 1-3 trilogy, though I will agree Lucas paid way more attention to special effects instead of the story.

Besides Han, I found my second favorite character in the books – Mara Jade. She started as the Emperor’s assassin, became a smuggler following the fall of the Empire, and then stopped trying to kill Luke and fell in love with him, eventually becoming a Jedi, and mother to their child. I was so devastated when, after Disney bought Lucasfilm, they announced what had happened in the books prior was no longer cannon, meaning Mara would cease to exist in any future storylines.

However recent rumblings have sprouted rumors she may be resurrected into the new cannon, either via the Thrawn story line on STAR WARS REBELS, or by even having her appear in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (due in theaters this December).

This fangirl would be so incredibly happy if that happened!

I also have quite a collection of books, clothing, toys, and trading cards that I’ve accrued over the years. I used to have more, but when I was a kid, my stepfather sold my collection for beer money. I know…WTF, right?

Anyways, I will be at Star Wars Celebration all four days if my MS doesn’t flare up, and while I’m hoping to get into some of the celebrity panels, I’m most looking forward to seeing all the amazing cosplay that I know will be happening.

I went to the last two SWC’s in Orlando and I know I’m going to be in fangirl heaven this weekend.

If you want to attend Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, there are still tickets available, but they are selling out fast. You can get all the details at CitySurfingOrlando.com.

You can also follow along my adventures on social media: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

May The Force Be With You…Always!

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