My Recap of #BlogHer17 – Maybe Not the Right Conference for Me

My Recap of #BlogHer17 - Maybe Not the Right Conference for Me

I love blogger conferences because I usually end up learning things that help me be a better blogger, and I make beneficial connections, too.

But after attending BlogHer17 here in Orlando last weekend, I’m not so sure that conference was the right one for me.

Hey, it happens!

First, the information panels were killer. Or so I heard. Many of them were standing-room-only, if you could even get into the room. Not good for someone like myself who has MS and can’t stand for long periods of time.

On the first day of panels, I managed to get into my second choice panel on travel blogging for the first session of the day. It was only my second choice because from the description, I had a feeling I would already know most of what they would be talking about. I was right about that, but I did find some new bloggers to follow, so not a complete waste.

By the time I got out of that panel, my first and second choices for the second session were already SRO and coming out the doors. I gave up on trying to attend any other panels that day, hoping I’d find someone had posted the panels or at least notes from them online later.

There were also keynotes during breakfast and lunch in the main room. They featured a variety of speakers, including celebrities like Chelsea Clinton, Serena WIlliams, and Margaret Cho, speaking about women’s issues like Planned Parenthood, the Purple Purse project, and such.

But while I enjoyed hearing the speakers, many of the topics they spoke on, I don’t write about. So, I didn’t get a lot of blogging information or inspiration from the keynotes.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved the vibe of women supporting women. Loved it! But I was there to learn how to be a better blogger, and none of the keynotes did that.

Finally, the Expo room. There were some great brands talking about their products, but I guess I just expected a blogging conference for women would have more tech products, or even beauty/fashion products.

A lot of the booths just weren’t things I write about, and I’m not going to take a free product if I have no plans to write about it.

I did have some fun at BlogHer 17, though, especially with the photo ops, as you can see above with my Starkist shoot.

I got to meet the vivacious Carla Hall in the Best Buy booth, and get an autographed copy of her newest cookbook.

I also met Howie, the tiny Yorkie star of Pup Star 2. He kept trying to kiss me, which made getting a photo fun.

And just as I was leaving the first day, I ran into someone I’d been friends online with for a while now. I’m super happy to have finally connected with him in person.

Look, BlogHer17 was a good conference, but I just don’t think it was a good fit for me. I personally didn’t get a lot out of it from a blogging perspective. I guess if I’d been able to get into the session rooms, that might have been different, but I have to work with what actually happened.

Would I attend BlogHer18? At this point, the arrow is tipping towards probably not. But that shouldn’t stop you from considering it, if you feel you could get something out of it.


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