Book Review: Little Heaven by Nick Cutter #Horror

A book review by Michelle Snow of the supernatural horror story 'Little Heaven' by author Nick Cutter.

In New Mexico, a trio of mismatched mercenaries is hired by a woman to rescue her nephew from what she fears is a cult her brother-in-law has joined. Seems simple enough, but there’s no way for them to know the horror that’s really waiting for them.

For Little Heaven, as the camp is called, sits in the shadow of a monolith called Black Rock that holds a supernatural terror that will bring them a madness more horrifying than they could have ever imagined.

The mercenaries – Micah Shughrue, Minerva Atwater, and Ebenzer Elkins (also known as “the Englishman”) – aren’t friends. They aren’t even sure they like each other. But after a series of incidents throws them together, they realize the only way of facing this ancient evil with any hope of surviving is by relying on each other and their skills.

I love supernatural horror, so I was excited to get this to review, but I have to admit, it took me a bit to get into it. It jumps from the 1960’s to a more recent time and back quite often, and I wasn’t initially getting into the characters.

But about halfway in, it started all connecting and turned into a fascinating read.

The story became very creepy once the body count in the camp started piling up. Then we learn what the supernatural entity is and how it functions and those descriptive encounters will stay with you for a while.

If you want a chilling story and are willing to let it slowly build until it finally grabs you and you stay up determined to finish it, check out Little Heaven by Nick Cutter.

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Disclaimer: I received a ebook copy of Little Heaven by Nick Cutter for review purposes from NetGalley. I was not compensated in any other way. My opinion is honest, and as always, my own.

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