Why Only One Day to Be Thankful? #GratitudeAttitude

since today is a day of expressing your thanks, here is what I'm thankful for.

Today is Thanksgiving, and everybody is gathering with friends and family and expressing their gratitude for all they have in their life.

But why only the one day? I think we’d all be happier if we remembered EVERY DAY the things we are thankful for.

Why save it for just one day?

But since today is a day of expressing your thanks, here is what I’m thankful for…

I am thankful I am alive. After dealing with heart/lung/kidney failure 5 years ago, and cancer 3 years ago, every day I get to open my eyes is a blessing.

I am thankful I have a roof over my head and someplace to sleep. I am also thankful I have food and the other basic necessities for living.


I am thankful for great friends who are like family to me. Who support me when I need it and have given me some of the best memories of my life.

I am thankful my mother and her mother were in my life for as long as they were. I miss mom and gramma every single day, but I’m also thankful they raised me to be the woman that I am.

I am thankful for journalism and blogging for giving me some amazing experiences in my life, and enabling me to meet some incredible people.


I am thankful that, while my MS is progressing, I am still able to get around on my own two feet. It’s frustrating and painful and tiring…and did I mention frustrating? LOL But I’m well aware it could be worse.

I am thankful for the tools to manage my illnesses, both mental and physical. Medicine, meditation, mantras – all go to make me healthier and stronger.

I am thankful I live in a city with so much to do, and one that keeps me busy with a never ending stream of things to write about.

Finally, I am thankful that every day is another chance for me to be a better person. More considerate, more compassionate, more supportive, more forgiving, and more me.

And if you ask, I’ll gladly tell you this every single day. I used to dwell in the negative, but I realized that when I started recognizing the things I’m thankful for every day, my life started not being so bad. Even bad days became manageable.

Now, I truly believe when you send out the positive energy of being thankful for all that you have, you invite positive energy to return to you.

So tell me, what are you thankful for? And will you try expressing this thankfulness every day instead of saving it up for this one day a year?

Hugs to you all!


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