Hello 2018! Let’s Rock This!

Happy New Year 2018 from Zengrrl.com

It’s now January 1, 2018, so happy new year to all of you reading this! I hope you had a wonderful holidays with family and/or friends.

I took the holidays off from writing this blog, because I figure everyone is so busy the last two weeks of the year with all the celebrations, nobody is hanging around reading new blog posts.

Plus Christmas has been hard the last decade for me as my beloved gramma Elizabeth passed away Christmas Eve in 2007. Christmas was always her favorite holiday, so having her pass during it makes it tough for me to enjoy it anymore.

I enjoy being with friends and the glad tidings of cheer and good will to all. But I don’t decorate and I don’t buy presents. I spent Christmas home reading, but a few days before, I enjoyed a wonderful get-together with friends for the holidays.

So it’s not like I’m bah-humbug. I just don’t get the razzle-dazzle feeling about it since gramma passed.

Anyways, I’m back and working on stories for the next few weeks for both this blog and my other, CitySurfing Orlando. I even have a first giveaway of the year happening here on this blog tomorrow!

I’d like to thank everybody that visited my blogs, and followed me on social media. Your support means so much to me! We bloggers often operate wondering if we are connecting so I really appreciate all of your interaction with me in 2017!

I’d also like to wish you all an amazing year full of happiness, success, love, and wonderful experiences.

I hope 2018 is all you hope it will be! Now let’s get it going and rock this year!




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