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Disney's Lady and the Tramp

I loved the original animated version of Disney’s Lady and the Tramp, but was a bit dubious that it needed a remake – a live action one, to boot.

Having just watched it, I’m still not sure if the original movie needed a live action remake, but it wasn’t a waste of my time, either.

The story is played out pretty much note-for-note from the original, as the home-raised Lady is suddenly thrust from her home when one of the human’s relatives comes to pet-sit. That human brings her two cats along, who proceed to tear up the house, and to save face, the human blames Lady.

Having met Tramp briefly before, Lady is surprised when he comes to her rescue. They spend time together and then Lady is returned to her home. An emergency with her family’s new baby causes Tramp to once again come to the rescue, before Lady and her family rescue him.

Disney's Lady and the Tramp 2019

The live action was done well. The Victorian setting was top notch, and the classic spaghetti scene still had a lot of heart. I also enjoyed picking out the celebrity voices of the animals.

There were some minor changes to bring the 1955 film into the woke era of 2019, such as removing the the Siamese Cat Song, and making Jim Dear and Darling an interracial marriage.

Disney's Lady and the Tramp 2019

But I didn’t feel that the film really added anything to the story. It didn’t improve on it or surpass it. There didn’t seem to be any reason this film needed to be made.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s still a fun family film, but don’t expect anything really different from the animated original.

Lady and the Tramp (2019) is currently available to watch on Disney+, as is the 1955 animated original.

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Lady and the Tramp (2019)

Director: Charlie Bean
Cast: Thomas Mann, Kiersey Clemons, Yvette Nicole Brown, Adrian Martinez, F. Murray Abraham, Tessa Thompson, Justin Theroux, Sam Elliott, Ashley Jensen, Janelle Monáe, Benedict Wong, Clancy Brown
Rated: PG
Website: disneyplus.com

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