The Latest Movie Reschedule News: May 1, 2020 .. #MissionImpossible #Spiderman #HotelTransylvania #Marvel #JohnWick

The Latest Movie Reschedule News May 1, 2020

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus – from shutting down productions to the closure of theaters – many movies have had their release dates shifted.

Keeping up with all the changes can be a bit challenging, so I scoured all the recent press releases to find out the latest dates for upcoming movies.

Here are all this week’s rescheduled movie dates I could find:

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Paramount has announced Mission: Impossible 7 will now open on Nov. 19, 2021 instead of July 23 next year. The Tom Cruise production was arguably the first Hollywood production to be halted out of safety, with production completely stopped in Venice, Italy earlier this spring.

That change bumps Mission: Impossible 8 to open on Nov. 4, 2022, instead of Aug. 5, 2022.

Paramount has also shifted the Chris Pratt sci-fi movie The Tomorrow War, which moved from this year’s Christmas to being undated for a bit, to July 23, 2021.

Meanwhile, Lionsgate has pushed back John Wick 4 from May 21, 2021, where it would’ve competed with star Keanu Reeves’ other blockbuster for Warner Bros, a little sequel called Matrix 4, to the following Memorial Weekend, May 27, 2022.

It has also moved the sequel to Ryan Reynolds-Samuel L. Jackson led The Hitman’s Bodyguard a year to Aug. 20, 2021 from Aug. 28, 2020.

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Sony is moving their Tom Holland-led Spider-Man 3 to Nov. 5, 2021 instead of keeping their original July 16 date next year.

Because of this, Disney (which is co-financing that Spider-Man movie) has pushed Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness from that Nov 5, 2021 date to March 25, 2022.

Sony is also pushing the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sequel to Oct. 7, 2022, from its original April 8, 2022 date.

Marvel’s Taika Waititi-directed Thor: Love and Thunder, originally set for Feb. 18, 2022, has been bumped up a week to Feb. 11, 2020.

Tom Holland’s video game-inspired pic Uncharted will open on July 16, 2021, moved up from October 8, 2021.

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The Kevin Hart-drama Fatherhood will open on April 2, 2021 instead of October 23, 2020.

Meanwhile Hart’s comedy with Woody Harrelson, Man From Toronto, heads to September 17, 2021, off from this year’s November 20.

Paramount has moved its Johnny Knoxville-led Jackass 4 from its planned March 5, 2021, release to July 2, 2021. As the number suggests, it’s the fourth movie based on the MTV stunt-prank reality series.

Lionsgate has moved the Janelle Monae-starring horror film Antebellum to August 21, 2020.

It has also pushed the Chris Rock-Samuel L. Jackson Saw reboot Spiral from May 15, 2020, to May 21, 2021.

Horror sequel Escape Room 2 will open on January 1, 2021, instead of December 30, 2020.

Paramount’s reboot of Dungeons & Dragons, previously scheduled for Nov. 19, 2021, heads to May 27, 2022.

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Sony’s animated sequel Hotel Transylvania 4 will open on August 6, 2021, instead of December 22, 2021.

The animated Paw Patrol, based on the hit kids’ series, is slated for Aug 20, 2021.

Sony Pictures Animation’s Vivo,, featuring music from Lin-Manuel Miranda, will open on June 4, 2021 instead of April 16, 2021.

Sony Pictures Animation’s Connected moves back a month from September 18, 2020 to October 23, 2020.

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