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Cats and Peachtopia


Because I watch a lot of animation, Cats popped up in my Netflix recommendations. No, not that live action debacle of the hit musical. This was an animated feature from China starring cats.

It looked a bit like “Secret Life of Pets,” which I love, so I gave it a watch.

In Cats, formerly called “Cats and Peachtopia,” a cat named Blanket (voiced by Dermot Mulroney) has been living in a high-rise apartment in the city with his son, Cape.

One day, curious about the outside world, Cape decides to leave home and embarks on an adventure to find the legendary cat’s paradise, Peachtopia.

Blanket must then overcome his fears to rescue his son from an evil human scientist who is killing animals for some formula he’s working on.

It sounds like a whimsical adventure, but it’s actually not.

Cats and Peachtopia

This film gets quite dark in parts, including animals getting smashed (no blood) and a crematorium scene where our intrepid kitten almost dies. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for anybody 10 and under, which is the movie’s target market.

There’s a small uplifting message at the end about finding your heart and home, but the rest of the film is rather depressing.

Overall, the film looks like a copy of “Secret Life of Pets,” by someone who hasn’t actually watched the movie.

The animation is well done, but I would skip this. I think it’s too dark for young kids.

I’d give it a 2 out of 5 stars.



Director: Gary Wang
Cast: Dermot Mulroney, Brittany Curran, Nick Guerra


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