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The Zombie Club

Because I watch so many zombie movies, Amazon recommended The Zombie Club for me to watch, so I gave it a shot.

After a mix-up in a shipment of lab frogs goes terribly wrong, six teens in detention and a teacher find themselves in a race against the clock to find a cure for whatever it is that is turning them into zombies.

But not just any zombies…super-enhanced zombies with no lust for human flesh. That should have been my first clue this really wasn’t a horror movie.

The kids begin to use their zombie powers to stop bullies, even though one of the kids – the jock – was formerly the top bully.

That’s right…The Zombie Club is actually an anti-bullying message movie. There’s no gore, no killings. Just infected kids using their zombie powers for good to stop other students who are bullying.

Former Superman Dean Cain plays the bumbling school principal, and Timothy E. Goodwin (who has had bit parts in dozens of shows) plays the teacher, but the rest of the cast, especially the teens, seem really green in front of the camera. The script is also really lean on quality dialogue.

The Zombie Club is very low budget, though the special effects were surprisingly decent. I tried to find something more to redeem the time I spent watching it, but to be honest, unless you need to teach the kids not to bully, I’d just skip this film.

I’d give it a half star out of 5 stars.

Interestingly, most of the cast also appears in a Christian movie called “Dispatched,” also on Amazon. I’m not watching that one to see if it’s any better.



Director: Aeyron Moore
Cast: Dean Cain, Timothy E. Goodwin, Michael Sigler, Franco Maicas, Levi A. Wolfe, Lexi Bradley, Alec Miller, Erica Cottrill, Jordan Kennedy-Rea


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