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Zengrrl's Book Review - The Demon Crown (Sigma Force #13) by James Rollins

I’m a fan of James Rollins, so when two of his Sigma Force novels popped up on Amazon’s Prime Reading program to borrow, I added them to my reading library. The Demon Crown (Sigma Force #13) was one of those two books.

I read book #12 prior to this one, so I was already caught up on the Sigma Force adventures, but nothing prepared me for the horror unleashed in The Demon Crown.

And I do mean horror.

An entomologist, Professor Ken Matsui, is leading a group to retrieve some venomous snakes in Brazil when they discover all the animals on the island are dead. Before they can report it, the island is bombed, killing all but Matsui.

Soon after, Sigma Force team members are attacked in Hawaii by what seems to be giant prehistoric wasps. Wasps that are using humans as hosts and food for their eggs.

Clues lead Sigma Force on the trail of an ancient winged insect frozen for centuries in amber…a trail that takes them from a tomb underneath the National Mall in D.C. to salt mines in Poland.

All the while, trying to find a way to kill the wasps without killing the hosts, one of whom happens to be a Sigma Force member.

The Demon Crown is way more gruesome than I expected from a Sigma Force novel. There are several graphic descriptions of what happens as the wasp eggs grow inside their host, as well as an extremely bloody torture scene using worker wasps that literally eat their victims alive.

There were also a lot of collateral deaths in this story.

I also felt there were way too many times where I was expected to suspend belief for the sake of the story. I mean I know it’s science fiction using historical fiction as a base, but it felt like some of the characters must be superhuman, when they weren’t.

Sad to say, but I didn’t really like The Demon Crown – even though I love the Sigma Force books and even read a lot of horror. This book just left me with an icky feeling in my head.

I’d give The Demon Crown (Sigma Force #13) by James Rollins 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Note: The Demon Crown (Sigma Force #13) by James Rollins was originally published in 2017.

Disclaimer: I received an e-book copy on loan from Amazon Prime Reading. I was not compensated in any way. My opinion is honest, and as always, my own.

Disclaimer: This post uses Amazon affiliate links. It doesn’t add anything to your cost, should you choose to purchase something. Thanks!

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