Thunder…Thunder…ThunderCats are a Go on Hulu Starting Aug 20 .. #Hulu #ThunderCats

ThunderCats 1985 + 2011

As a teen in the 80s, pre-hundreds of cable channels, my guilty TV pleasure was Saturday morning cartoons, especially the ThunderCats. In 2011, Warner Bros. Animation “reimagined” the show, which I didn’t get a chance to catch.

Well, whether you were a fan of the old or new, I’m happy to let you know that both versions of the ThunderCats will be available tomorrow (August 20) on Hulu as exclusive titles.

For those not familiar with the show, ThunderCats are a group of cat-like humanoid aliens from the destroyed planet of Thundera, who now live on a planet called Third Earth.

The ThunderCats consist of the young Lord of the ThunderCats, Lion-O, as well as his friends Cheetara, Panthro, and Tygra, kids WilyKit and WilyKat, and the elderly Snarf, Lion-O’s protector as a child. The power of the ThunderCats rests in the Eye of Thundera, which is attached to Lion-O’s Sword of Omens.

The Thundereans’s enemies, the Mutants of Plun-Darr, soon follow them to Third Earth and partner up with the planet’s villain, a demonic, mummified sorcerer calling himself Mumm-Ra, to try to take the sword from the ThunderCats and end the Thundereans once and for all.

Don’t miss a minute of the ThunderCats and add them to “My Stuff” in your Hulu app tonight!

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