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Terra Willy

Terra Willy is an animated film from France that tells the story of a young boy named Will, who is separated from his parents in space by an accident.

When his rescue pod lands on an unexplored planet, it’s up to him and the pod’s emergency robot, Buck, to survive until he can be found and saved.

They make friends with some of the planet’s creatures, but find that other creatures are not so friendly. They also have to find food and shelter on a planet unfamiliar to them.

I enjoyed seeing the new planet through his eyes…and camera, as he works to catalog the planet to show his father when they reunite.

Terra Willy - Will and Flash

Of course there’s a cute sidekick animal, a caterpillar-like creature Will names Flash. He also manages to make friends with another creature that reminded me of a dung beetle.

The computer animation is done well, and the planet and its denizens come to life in a bold range of colors. The script is rather simple, but it includes plenty of age-appropriate humor that can also make adults laugh.

Terra Willy - Will and Buck

Terra Willy is a charming movie, and a nice introduction to sci-fi for younger children. The story does find Will in peril a few times, but nothing too scary.

I’m giving Terra Willy a 4 out of 5 stars. It is available on VOD on October 27, 2020, and the version I saw was English-dubbed.  I also have a Terra Willy activity packet for you to save and print out for your kids.

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