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Zengrrl's Movie Review: Over the Moon

Over the Moon is an animated family movie the uses Chinese lore to tell the story of a young girl named Fei Fei who tries to prove the legend of a goddess is actually real.

Fei Fei is a young child, whose parents tell her often the legend of the Moon goddess Chang’e, and how she left her partner Houyi behind when she ascended to the heavens.

Her parents own a restaurant that makes mooncakes for the village, and Fei Fei helps them out. Her mother passes away and the story picks up four years later.

Her father has fallen in love with another woman who has a young son, Chin. Fei Fei’s family joins them for the Moon Festival celebration, and they make fun of her for still believing the legend of Chang’e.

Upset, she decides to build a rocket so she can go to the moon and find Chang’e to prove them wrong. With her pet rabbit Bungee, she blasts off in her rabbit shaped rocket (so cute!), only to find Chin has stowed away on the ship, and his weight causes them to start falling back to earth.

Zengrrl's Movie Review: Over the Moon

They are saved by a mystical beam of light and brought to the moon where Fei Fei discovers that old adage of never meeting your idols is very true.

Chang’e sends Fei Fei off on a quest that leads to both getting a chance to reconcile with the loss of their loved ones.

Over the Moon is a sweet film about finding a way to get past the grief of losing someone so you can continue with your life. It has a few bittersweet moments, but of course has the requisite happy ending.

Zengrrl's Movie Review: Over the Moon

Glen Keane, who directs this film, once served as an animator for Walt Disney Animation Studios, and it shows in the pacing and the many musical numbers with swelling strings and soaring voices.

Even though the film uses computer animation, some of the moon sequences seemed to lack imagination visually. I also thought some of the song lyrics seemed uninspired. But these drawbacks are minor.

Over the Moon is a lovely film, but not one that I feel the need to watch more than once. I’m giving Over the Moon a 3.5 out of 5 stars. It is currently airing on Netflix.



Director: Glen Keane
Cast: Cathy Ang, Phillipa Soo, Ken Jeong, John Cho, Ruthie Ann Miles, Margaret Cho, Sandra Oh



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