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The Mortuary Collection movie review

The Mortuary Collection is a 2020 horror anthology airing on the Shudder streaming service.

This collection of horror shorts is tied together by a mortician named Montgomery Dark (Clancy Brown), who manages the Raven’s End Mortuary. One day, a young woman named Sam (Caitlin Custer) comes looking for a job.

As he takes her on a tour of the facilities, he tells her a series of stories.

I find most horror anthologies to be an uneven collection of shorts, where some are outstanding but the rest seem like fillers or are just plain bad.

The Mortuary Collection is one of those rare horror anthologies that is strong from start to finish, offering up four short stories with a connecting wrap-around story that are all good.

My favorite is the second segment, a cautionary safe sex tale set at a 1960s college that doesn’t quite go where you expect. Granted the anatomy of it all isn’t possible (I’m talking literal anatomy), but it’s still a good lesson to use those condoms.

The fourth story was already a short film by Ryan Spindell, who also directs this movie, and it’s an imaginative tale of a night of babysitting gone wrong, inspired by movies like High Tension.

There is a medium level of gore and body horror. Men will probably cringe at the second segment. I was also amused that the prosthetics on Clancy Brown made him look like the Thin Man from the Phantasm movies.

If you like strong slightly-gory horror anthologies, you’ll definitely want to check this one out. I’m giving The Mortuary Collection a 4 out 5 stars. It’s currently streaming on Shudder.



Director: Ryan Spindell
Cast: Clancy Brown, Caitlin Custer, Christine Kilmer, Jacob Elordi, Barak Hardley, Sarah Hay, Mike C. Nelson



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