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The Pale Door

The Pale Door is a horror movie set in the Old West era of America, one where a gang of criminals fights for their lives from a coven of witches in a ghost town.

After a botched train robbery, The Dalton Gang find the cargo is actually a young woman, bound and gagged in a sealed chest.

She promises the gang a reward if they take her back to her town safely, which they do.

Only the reward is not the pleasant one they thought they were getting. It turns out the town is filled with witches, intent on claiming the youngest Dalton, Jake (Devin Druid), as he has never taken a human life and therefor has untainted blood.

As you can imagine, a battle ensues.

The acting and script are decent. The cast has quite a few familiar faces, too, like Zachary Knighton and Stan Shaw as Dalton Gang members, and Melora Walters as the coven High Priestess I was also impressed with the makeup on the witches, and there is plenty of gore and blood in the film.

The Pale Door does a lot with its limited budget, but ultimately the sum of its parts just didn’t fully work for me as a solid horror film. It felt clichéd and uninspired in some parts, and there was no real dread or connection with the characters. It’s not a horrible film, but there was potential to be so much better.

I’m giving The Pale Door a 3 out 5 stars. It’s currently streaming on Shudder.


The Pale Door

Director: Aaron B. Koontz
Cast: Devin Druid, Zachary Knighton, Melora Walters, Bill Sage, Pat Healy, Stan Shaw, Natasha Bassett, Noah Segan, Tina Parker



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