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Alone (2020)

In the 2020 horror movie Alone, Tyler Posey stars as a young man named Aidan, at the start of a global pandemic, where those who get infected turn into Screamers (a form of zombie).

He barricades himself in the apartment he shares with his family, only he is alone since his parents and sister went out shopping.

Weeks go by and food rations get really low. Electricity goes out city-wide, so he no longer has running water or a way to see what is going on outside his apartment.

Then he notices a young woman named Eva (Summer Spiro) in an apartment across from him, and she’s still alive, too. They start communicating across their balconies, but contact is risky, and eventually they attract unwanted attention from the Screamers, who are remarkably agile and can even climb buildings.

In his quest to find food, Aiden uses the air conditioning conduits to go to neighboring apartments. In one of them, he finds an old man (Donald Sutherland) still alive, but he seems kind of squirrely. Let’s just say rule number one in a pandemic movie is the humans are usually as dangerous as the monsters.

Alone (2020) - Tyler Posey

If all this is sounding familiar, then you’ve read some of my other reviews, most notably #Alive, a South Korean zombie film that came out earlier in 2020. Alone (this movie) was originally supposed to come out before #Alive, and #Alive is actually a remake. But due to our real pandemic, Alone didn’t get released until October 2020.

So yes, the two movies are similar on purpose.

Had I not seen #Alive first, I might have enjoyed Alone more. However, despite having Sutherland and Posey as star power, Alone‘s script had some huge plot holes in it. How can a horde of Screamers pounding on a glass window not break it, yet one Screamer pounding his head a few times on the same glass can? How can the Screamers trip over bodies on the ground, yet parkour up the side of a building using the balconies?

It also felt like they used every excuse to disrobe Posey, including a nude night shower in the rain on his balcony. By the end I was like, leave your shirt on already!

The pacing was also off and Alone just didn’t have the same heightened sense of tension that #Alive did. Alone isn’t a bad movie, but it just wasn’t as good as its remake. Go figure.

I’m giving Alone a 3.5 out of 5 stars.


ALONE (2020)

Director: Johnny Martin
Cast: Tyler Posey, Summer Spiro, Donald Sutherland




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