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From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back

I’ve been a fan of the Star Wars universe since I first saw “A New Hope” opening weekend as a child. When “The Empire Strikes Back” hit theaters in 1980, it was unlike any film I’d seen — it was dark and the good guys didn’t actually win.

Last year, to honor the 40th anniversary of the film, 40 storytellers got together to create short stories set within the timeline of “The Empire Strikes Back.”

The end result is “From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back,” featuring tales told from the movie’s side characters (droids, tauntauns, storm troopers, and more), and characters that could have been, laid out chronilogically from Hoth to Dagobah to Bespin.

I loved this book! The stories built beautifully upon the tales told in the movie, and I loved the way the authors used familiar scenes and dialog from the movie within the stories they wrote.

My favorites of the bunch were:

  • “She Will Keep Them Warm” by Delilah S. Dawson, told from the POV of Murra, the head Tauntaun on Hoth’s rebel base (though bittersweet as knowing their names makes the scenes on Hoth a little more heartbreaking).
  • “Wait For It” by Zoraida Cordova, told from the POV of Boba Fett tracking Solo.
  • “Ion Control” by Emily Skrutskie, telling the story of rebel Toryn Farr during the battle on Hoth.
  • “Tooth and Claw” by Michael Kogge, centered on reptilian bounty hunter Bossk who finds more than he bargains for while hunting down a rebel Wookiee ship.

Not every story was great, but enough of them were for me to enjoy this anthology very much. For fans of “The Empire Strikes Back,” this book extends the enjoyment of the movie.

As a bonus, all participating authors have generously forgone compensation for their stories, with their proceeds donated to First Book, a leading nonprofit that provides new books, learning materials, and other essentials to educators and organizations serving children in need.

I’m giving “From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back” a 4.5 out of 5.

Disclaimer: I received an advance e-book copy for review purposes from NetGalley. I was not compensated in any other way. My opinion is honest, and as always, my own.

Disclaimer: This post uses Amazon affiliate links. It doesn’t add anything to your cost, should you choose to purchase something. Thanks!

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