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Zengrrl's Movie Review: Super Hot (2021)

Scrolling through Amazon Prime Video, I came across the 2021 film “Super Hot,” and decided to give it a try.

In the horror comedy, a pizza delivery girl discovers her neighbor is moving into a sorority house of vampires, and it’s a race against the clock to stop her crush from being sacrificed at midnight.

The delivery girl, Jackie (Kandace Kale), is a slacker who is obsessed with geek trivia…and her neighbor, whom she finds out is moving into a sorority. We’ve met three of the sorority sisters at the beginning of the movie, acquiring a mystical book.

Zengrrl's Movie Review: Super Hot (2021)

When Jackie goes to investigate the sorority by faking a pizza delivery, she and her friend Sam (Elijah Cooke) end up discovering the sorority is actually evil.

As they are escaping in her car, they are saved by a man by the name of Warren Van Helsing (yes, of those Van Helsings) and we soon learn of two things…the sorority girls are vampires, and they need a sacrifice to summon their master from the dead.

This all sounds like it would be scary, but the characters are way too busy cracking jokes and offering running commentaries on the absurdity of their situation.

Zengrrl's Movie Review: Super Hot (2021)

This film does have some strong performances by newbie Kandace Kale, and Australian actor Nobuaki Shimamoto as Van Helsing. There is also an interesting twist about two-thirds of the way through the film.

There may even be a forthcoming sequel judging by the end title card.

I’m giving “Super Hot” 3 out of 5 stars. It’s definitely not scary, and very low budget, but there’s some good geek and slacker humor, and it has some originality to it.


SUPER HOT (2021)

Director: Taylor King (who also wrote it)
Cast: Kandace Kale, Elijah Cooke, Nobuaki Shimamoto, Lissa Carandang-Sweeney, Sam Watkins, Coleson Berlin, Sierra Michelle, Alexa Tkatch, Celeste Marcone, Cait Medearis



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