Disclaimers & Policies

I welcome comments on my posts, but there are some things that will get your comment deleted from this website:

  • Leaving a comment that has nothing to do with the topic of the post.
  • Heavy use of profanities
  • Hateful, inflammatory, or derogatory comments
  • Links to spam

I reserve the right to delete any comment if it falls in the above categories.


I may occasionally accept invitations to attend special events, try new products, or visit places to review them. If I do, I will plainly disclose that we have done so in the post. I may also occasionally accept sponsored posts or include affiliate links in a post, and I will also plainly disclose those. These things help me keep this site running and bring you great content.

My opinions are never compromised by invites, comps, or sponsored posts, but I want you to know the truth.

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