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Zengrrl’s Movie Review: The Tomorrow War (2021) .. #TheTomorrowWar #MovieReview #ChrisPratt

The Tomorrow War is a sci-fi action adventure film telling the story of a group of people who are drafted… Continue reading »

Zengrrl’s Movie Review: Pixar’s Onward (2020) .. #Onward #Disney #Pixar #FamilyMovies #MovieReview

Disney-Pixar’s Onward takes place in a world inhabited by mythic creatures. Magic was commonplace in the past, but has become… Continue reading »

Movie Review: The Magnificent Seven (2016)

The Magnificent Seven is a remake of the 1960 film of the same name…which itself was a remake of a… Continue reading »

Jurassic World Film Review – Do the Dinosaurs Still Have Bite 20 Years Later?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Note: While most of the… Continue reading »

Who Wins When Chris Evans and Chris Pratt Bet on the Super Bowl? The Kids Do.

Last month, actors Chris Evans (best known as Captain America in the Marvel films) and Chris Pratt (who played Star-Lord… Continue reading »

Delivery Man Delivers Laughs and Feel Good Moments (Review) #DeliveryMan

Earlier this month, I had the chance to see a sneak preview of the film Delivery Man, directed by Ken… Continue reading »