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Living with MS: May 30th is World MS Day #MyInvisibleMS #MSawareness #WorldMSDay

Today, May 30, is designated as World MS Day, to bring awareness to the disease – one which I’ve been… Continue reading »

Goodbye and Good Riddance Flu

So you may have noticed Zengrrl has been a bit quiet lately. Well, you can thank the lovely 2017 flu… Continue reading »

On the One Year Anniversary of My Cancer Surgery

I don’t often talk about myself on this blog, but I will today because it’s the one-year anniversary of my… Continue reading »

This Week It Will Have Been Three Years Since I Woke Up In The I.C.U.

It was three years ago today that I woke up in the I.C.U., unaware of my surroundings or what happened…. Continue reading »

Finishing My Last Day of External Radiation

Yesterday I finished my last day of external radiation for my cancer, and I’m so happy to be done. For… Continue reading »

Progress Update on the Cancer Treatments

As of today, I am half way through the radiation treatments for my cancer. 15 down, 14 to go. I… Continue reading »

It’s Not Easy Trying to Be Cancer-Free…What’s Next?

It’s now been a month since my cancer surgery, and there’s been some minor complications. If you’re squeamish, skim forward… Continue reading »

The Big C Battle Rages On

It’s been two weeks today since I had the surgery to remove my cancer. I had a full hysterectomy, including… Continue reading »

An Almost-Clean Bill of Health from My Doctor

Yesterday I went to see my primary care physician (PCP) for my monthly check-up. I did labs last week, so… Continue reading »

2013 So Far…

At almost 3 weeks into 2013, I have to say this year is starting off better than last year, when… Continue reading »

A Few Months of Retrospect to End the Year

Usually around my birthday, I wax all philosophical about where my life is and where I’d like it to go…. Continue reading »

The Road Back From Death

I’ve been a bit absent on this blog the last few months, but with good reason. Some of you readers… Continue reading »

Today is a Milestone Day For Me

Today is March 23, which means it has been six months since I had my heart surgery. I had a… Continue reading »

A New Lease on Life

It all started Tuesday,  September 21, 2010. That was the day that we (my roommate & I) had set up… Continue reading »