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Zengrrl’s Movie Reviews: Books of Blood (2020) .. #MovieReviews #BooksOfBlood #Hulu #Horror #CliveBarker

Hulu‘s film Books of Blood is very loosely based on Clive Barker‘s Books of Blood series of anthology novels, and… Continue reading »

Zengrrl’s Movie Reviews: #Alive (2020) .. #MovieReviews #Alive #Netflix #AsianHorror

#Alive is a South Korean horror film currently streaming on Netflix, and it’s an exhilarating zombie flick. The film revolves… Continue reading »

All the Netflix Additions and Departures for October 2020 (w/Trailers) .. #Streaming #Netflix

Here is the list of titles coming to Netflix in October 2020, as well as the ones that are leaving…. Continue reading »

Fantastic Fest 2020: The Stylist .. #FantasticFest #TheStylist #JillGevargizian #NajarraTownsend #BreaGrant #MovieReview #Horror

Fantastic Fest, hosted by the Alamo Drafthouse, has gone virtual for 2020, and the third night’s main film was The… Continue reading »

Teen and Family Friendly Horror to Stream for Halloween 2018

Halloween is the perfect night for horror movies, but if you’ve got kids at home, you don’t want anything really… Continue reading »

My Picks for Horror Worth Streaming for Halloween 2018

Since Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, I’m guessing most of you will be staying home doing the Stream… Continue reading »

Movie Review: The Belko Experiment Mixes Horror and Comedy in an Extremely Bad Day at the Office

The Belko Experiment is an original horror-comedy movie written by James Gunn, who is best known as the writer-director of… Continue reading »

Lesser Known Horror Movies Worth Streaming on Netflix for Halloween 2016

Netflix is a treasure trove of movies you’ve never heard of. Some are not that great, but there are quite… Continue reading »

Movie Review: The Funhouse Massacre (2015)

The Funhouse Massacre is a recent horror film, but it heavily evokes horror films of the 80s. The plot is… Continue reading »

article round-up for mid-January

The shopping gods (goddesses?) were with me today. I needed haircolor and black eyeliner. Went to CVS because I had… Continue reading »