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Zengrrl’s Movie Reviews: Hangman (2017) .. #MovieReviews #Hangman #AlPacino #KarlUrban #BrittanySnow #SarahShahi

Hangman, a 2017 thriller, popped up as newly added to Netflix, and when I saw it starred Al Pacino, Karl… Continue reading »

Zengrrl’s Movie Reviews: Code 8 (2019) .. #MovieReviews #Code8 #RobbieAmell #StephenAmell #SungKang

Code 8 is a 2019 science-fiction crime thriller that popped up on Netflix as “newly added.” When I saw it… Continue reading »

Zengrrl’s Movie Reviews: The Zombie Club (2019) .. #MovieReviews #TheZombieClub #DeanCain

Because I watch so many zombie movies, Amazon recommended “The Zombie Club“ for me to watch, so I gave it… Continue reading »

Movie Review: The Funhouse Massacre (2015)

The Funhouse Massacre is a recent horror film, but it heavily evokes horror films of the 80s. The plot is… Continue reading »

Captain America: Civil War is What a Superhero Movie Should Be

The carefully crafted world of Marvel superheroes has been building to its newest release, Captain America: Civil War, which hit… Continue reading »

article round-up for mid-January

The shopping gods (goddesses?) were with me today. I needed haircolor and black eyeliner. Went to CVS because I had… Continue reading »